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so this is "Geekmakers", home of all things that made you the geek you are today. Welcome.

Our quaint community here is for the discussion and sharing of those silly things that we enjoyed growing up that probably lead to many of our current likes. Well, lets be more specific. It is about those geeky things that we enjoyed growing up that lead to many of our geeky delights today. So you won't be seeing "Wow, wasn't Kristy McNichol hot on 'Family'?" or "I read all of Judy Bloom's books!" Not to say that you will be smacked for mentioning these things, but you might be redirected to another community to talk about those things. And you know what? Maybe it was something recent that has started you down that path to geekdom. Lord of the Rings. Firefly. Ultimate Spider-man. J.K. Rowling. Geekdom can start anywhere. Heck, those people who memorize all those baseball stats and can tell you the name of every episode of Golden Girls are a special breed of geek and should be embraced for what they are.

To keep things running smoothly, there will be a couple little rules.
Currently this community requires the mod (me) to allow you to join. This may be changed in time, and if it does change I shall announce it. But just to keep things a little under control, we are going to make sure that we at least kinda know who all joins. Open season on joining, baby!
No abusive language or behavior. Discussion is welcome, and I hope that no sincere discourse shall be poo-poohed. But name calling and abusive behavior will result in a warning. (Now don't be surprised if I don't just jump in the first time someone says "that's stupid". If you find that abusive, you might be a little thin-skinned. I have no problem with things getting a little heated up sometimes, but there is a line. And I define that line.)
I don't mind if things go off-topic. I think it is nice when people start getting along and want to chat with each other. But, please write "off-topic" in the subject, so that others will be aware.
When a post directs you that a new rule has been added, it will be stated in the post and added onto the rules here.

Go have fun!