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I Am Legend

You know...I have been looking forward to this movie all year. ALmost as much as "Sweeny Todd" (but not really). I love Richard Matheson's works (most influential author you didn't realize you liked), and while they strayed from the source material, I enjoyed "The Last Man on Earth" (with Vincent Price. Not too commonly watched, but darn good....go hunt it down) and "Omega Man". But this one was the first to be actually named after the book.
"I Am Legend".
I was psyched.

Of course, it had Will Smith in it. Somehow this wasn't boding well to me. I think he can be a competant actor, but I think he also tends towards easier roles now, which if they have any depth, it is of a feel-good variety.
But still they named the movie "I am Legend". The title is actually very important to the book. If they are using the title, they must be doing the book right, right?

So I kept hoping.

I watched part of an interview with Will Smith about the movie. he didnt' seem to know anything about the past movies. And there was mention of them re-working the ending a couple times...

but I stayed hopeful. The tile of the Book=Title of the movie. They won't mess that up. I mean, the meaning of the title is a huge thing. they are the last three words of the book, by criminy! The other movies changed things, but also changed the name, so we that was alright. But now we get the real deal! Woo Hoo

Sitting down, watching the previews, I figured out how they could truly mess up the ending and still be able to use the "I Am Legend" thing...But it was too horrible to imiagine. They wouldn't turn the movie into almost the exact opposite of the book, would they? I mean, what kind of sick bastard would do that?

The sick bastards that made this movie, is who.

I couldn't believe that they did EXACTLY what I was afraid they would do. I can't really go into it without massive spoilers, but trust me, wow, it is effed-up. I have heard what went awry in "The GOlden COmpass" and I fully sympathize, but trust me, anyone else who has read the book can tell you that I am not lying when I say this is possiboly the worst butchering of a book I have ever seen. Remember how much the Catwoman movie wasn't Catwoman? This is worse.

So, what can I say that isn't spoilery? hmmmm...
Will Smith has moments of good acting, but for the most part he gives his typical lazy mediocre performance. (I officially give up on ever seeing another Six Degrees from him).
The dog wasn't a bad addition to the story, and is at least somethign that could have occured in the book. Does lead to pretty much the only emotional moment of the whole damn movie.

They get the whole Wife/Daughter thing wrong, which would be forgivable if tehy hadn't messed up everything else.

Oh, and they aren't vampires. Fine, we lost the vampires with "Omega Man" also. They are the infected, and they are just grey hunting machines. About as human looking as the creatures in "Descent". There is a subplot about them developing intelligence...oh, wait, no there isn't. There are two scenes that seem to clearly be going in that direction, and one off-hand comment that gives you hope, but no, they are just simple infected killing machines. It is like someone thought about introducing that to the movie, but then decided that it would be too close to not effing it up, and so abondoned it, but kept all the scenes that were already written which didn't matter anymore.

Do yourselves a favor.
Go rent "Last Man on Earth". Great Vincent Price movie, very low-key, pretty loyal to the book until the end.
Go rent "Omega Man". They kinda get parts of the story and Roselind Cash was hot.
read the book. They reissued it recently and included some other Richard Matheson stories in it as well. It shows Will Smith on the cover, but don't worry, I checked: It is the correct story.
and then, only then, if you want to see how wrong something can go, go see "I Am Legend". It will make you appreciate Vincent Price and even Charlton Heston more.

how Hawkman became a member of the Justice League

"So now, could you tell us what your powers are?"
"Well, I have these wings that I can strap to my back and use to fly."
"really? Strap-on wings? Anything else?"
"umm...I can talk to birds."
"Yeah, we have a guy who takls to fish already, and we pretty much just goof on him for it. And as for flying, well to be honest, pretty much half of our membership flies already, or at least has a plane. And we dont have to worry about them fitting through doors or knocking Amazo over in the trophy room...I am afraid that we are going to have to say..."
"hey! Did I mention my wife can do these thing also, but she is hot while doing so?"
"Hot hawk wife?"
"She's a red-head...a real red-head, if you know what I mean"
"Ok, you're in...but you better make sure that she shows up at all the meetings. Zatanna and Black Canary are getting wise to us making up excuses for them to bend over."
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Wonder Woman in Peril

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ok...I meant to share this with you all earlier, but I kept forgeting.

I was listening to the Frank DeCaro Show on Sirius, and he had that guy form Queer Eye For the Straight Guy...ummm...*quickly checking my CD of "Zanna, Don't!"*...Jai Rodriguez.
so, they were chatting about this and that and somehow they started talking about either Heores or the new Star Trek Movie, not sure which...but the subject of Zachery Quinto came up and then Jai shared that he saw him at a club (or was it two). And Doria Biddle in LA agreed that it wasn't the kind of club where you were likely to find a straight guy just hanging out becasue it was a cool place. I think they declared it 'cruisy'. Man I wish I could remember the name of the place.

but the point is, I think we have a level one outing of Sylar. This should be interesting fodder for any of you having some sor to fHeroes fantasies. maybe you can incorporate him into the Petrellicest...
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Sorry to say but...

Heroes is falling off... I am not feeling this season at all:

* Hiro's storyline in the past is so agonizingly slow and painful
* Mohinder's actions don't make any sense... why would someone who has been fighting The Company suddenly trust them and then get surprised when they can't be trusted? Really?
* Sylar is so one-dimensional now... I thought he was so complex before and now, not so much.
* Claire/West is so pointless... who cares about her or her lame ass boyf right now?
* The twins are just not doing it at all for me
* Peter and this dumb chick are annoying. They get to Montreal and find all this crap and then Peter jumps forward in time. Really? We're doing yet another time jump to a scary future reality? C'mon... that's just lazy writing.
* The only semi interesting plotline that's going on right now is the Matt/Nathan chasing after the killer and/or Matt's father. And that was completely left ouf of this last ep.

This season is almost an exact copy of the first season:
* all the characters are split up, different storylines, and they have all come together again. why? since they all met up, couldnt season 2 have started someplace that made more sense?
* there's a greater evil that they all have to have a hand in stopping? again!
* time travel to the future, again, where New York City, again, is decimated by something in the past, again. they didnt even try to hid that... its a blatant copy... its like a student turning in the same paper to the same teacher for a different assignment.
* where is all the progress we made last season? hiro gained self confidence last season... where is it now? sylar gained depth and complexity last season... where is it now? mohinder seemed to gain some balls before... now theyre gone. peter hasnt made ANY growth whatsoever, if anything, he's regressed. its almost like, what was the point of season 1 if we're going to start all over again?

This season is draining me and it looks like a bunch of people agree with me. Here's a great commentary from Entertainment Weekly: Heroes Season 2 So Far. And one from another bitter fan like myself: From Heroes to Zeros.

I never thought any of the early comparisons to Lost made any sense. The only similarity the shows had were that they both had a larger plotline and a huge multi-racial cast. That's not enough of a similarity to make into a competition, but people did anyway. But, if you want to go there... as I've said many times before, the biggest difference between the two shows is the writing and the acting... Lost bests Heroes in both of these areas by leaps and bounds. And, again like I said, Heroes is suffering from the same backlash that Lost experienced. When it started, there was so much hype that people started to turn on it. So, there were a lot of naysayers throughout Lost season 2. The same thing is happening here with Heroes, just as I predicted. Only this time, I agree with the naysayers.
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to gay, or not to gay...?

i'm going to post this in my own journal as well, but i wanted to start it here, as the subject matter does have geekiness. i want to discuss rowling's outting of dumbledore. a great number of my friends, and probably gay people, are whooping it up over this, happy to have such a figure playing on our team. i actually have a bit of a problem with this, possibly due to where i work. for anyone who doesn't know, I'm a Sales Consultant for Scholastic Book Fairs. I'm the guy who calls up and says, "Hi, ya wanna Fair??". I'm proud of what I do, because I personally have a hand in bringing literacy to our schools, something our kids desperately need. We send our Fairs to a wide spectrum of schools; private, public, impoverished, wealthy, christian, secular, multiracial, whitewashed, conservative, magnet, you name it, we're there. therefore, i think i possibly have a slightly different perspective on this.

now, we all know that gay rights are a huge issue in this country, and when it touches anywhere near children, it becomes that much more controversial. I have schools that will take anything we send them, and then I have schools that don't want anything to do with Harry Potter, magic, wizards, or even mystery. And no, not all of my Christian schools are like that, many of them are fine with every product we send. And sometimes it's a preschool that doesn't want anything "scary" for their kids, and a lot of fantasy is "scary". and sometimes it's a K-8 school that doesn't want anything too "racy" cuz they're afraid they won't be able to keep the 1st graders away from the middle school product. Making the headmaster of Hogwart's gay has so many more ramifications than I think people may realize.

First of all, lets examine it outside of the schools. The first thing I have to ask is, "What's the point?" The books have been written, the series is, as far as I know, concluded (I still have to read Deathly Hollows), so what does Rowling hope to gain from this? Does she need publicity so so bad? Are sales drooping? Does she just wanna be controversial? What's that going to do to the movies? Will the actor still play the role, or are we going to be saddled with yet a third man playing him? (see my post here regarding my irritation on this subject) are they going to try to work insinuations into the movies now? will there even be more movies?

Now, back to my original point; I know I will now have even more schools, of varying kinds, not wanting Harry Potter on their Fairs, because of this announcement. It may be irrational, and illogical, uninformed, and uneducated, but I know it will happen. And I know conservative people, parties, and organizations EVERYWHERE will potentially have a field day with this. "see, i told you! magic is evil! wizards are bad! there are gay wizards! fantasy is GAY!" "Gay people are obsessed with the occult!" "This was part of the gay agenda all along!!!" oh, it makes my head hurt. and ok, fine, maybe none of these things will happen. but can you see it? am i wrong? it could happen. and this could be very bad. and possibly all for nothing. let's discuss...