monkeyarcher (monkeyarcher) wrote in geekmakers,

Spider-man To-Do List...

ok, this is kinda fun to do...

Spider-man To-Do List
1) always remember to stop any burglar's who run by me.
2) look into getting Aunt May a room at Shady Pines
3) see if pictures I took of Spider-man fighting crime will be good for my MySpace page.
4) tell the Avengers to take a hike
5) run tests to see if being bitten by a radioactive horse would grant some physical abilities
6) explain to Spider-Woman that I don't want her to carry my egg-sack
7) buy breath mints for J. Jonah Jameson
8) see if Doc Sampson has a group rate available for the Osborns
9) stop by Marvel offices and explain that while you may be able to mess with Captain America, you shouldn't f*ck with Spider-man
10) take wonderful wife Mary-Jane out to dinner and make sure that she knows I love her and that we will always be together.
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