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To Do List: Dr Who

this idea was so stolen from sarcastikub, but he is doing movies of a whole different type...(check them out...they are quite funny)

but now...

Dr Who's To Do List

1) find out what-ever happened to my grand-daughter.
2) stand on first base until everyone gets it
3) go to store for Jelly Babies and celery (been having a hankerin')
4) pine for fjords Rose, or regenrate and get over it. Whichever comes first.
5) re: Martha, two words...Jungle Fever.
6) get Whomobile out of the shop
7) go back in time and save old BBC tapes
8) figure out ambiguous feelings about the Master
9) call U.N.I.T. and ask if their refrigerator is running (that never gets old!)
10) find out what Mel's last name was
11) go back to San Francisco for the street fair.
12) knit scarf. still a little chilly from the Titanic...

feel free to offer suggestions for additions.
Tags: dr who, to do list
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