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I am going to try and avoid all possible spoilers. So, instead of a typical review, I am just going to make a list of things that come to mind when I think of the movie.

1) Go see it. First Movie in a while that I feel comfortable recommending whole-heartedly. this is after a string of 'whatevers' ("Stardust" and "The Golden Compass"-okey, I kinda liked "The Golden Compass" but I also found it quickly forgettable) and disappointments ("Sweeney Todd" and "I Am Legend"-Wil Smith, you owe me.)

2) Not sure what the audiences problem was. They seemed to really enjoy it, until the absolute end, when there were a couple cries of "Is that it?", which made me wonder what the heck they were expecting? Well, I know what tehy were expecting, but damn, sometimes it just doens't work out that way. And you know what, that is a good thing. (You fans of "Lost" shouldn't have any problem with the ending. really, I can't see why anyone would, but...)

3) OK, I kinda laughed right near the end when there was supposed to be this serious and emotional moment. And I did it loudly. It was an accident. But, while the movie was over-all very enjoyable, that had to be the cheesiest attempt at a touching moment I have witnessed in a long time. I still kinda chuckle a little when I think about it. But I guess it was a little inappropriate of me, since the shole place was pretty quiet at the moment, and I am sure they heard me in the back row.

4) My one main criticism would be that there were moments that the "camera direction" was kinda giving me a headache.

5) There is a hidden moral to the movie, and that is "Fortune favors the Hot"

6) There is a chance that any movie can be made better by having the kinda Doofy-friend of the main character's narate.

7) My friendship loyalty would have hit the wall upon viewing the building. Not sayingthe I don't love my friends, but honestly, if this situation ever comes up, and we walk up to that sight, don't be surprised when I say that I hope to see you guys later, but I have an Army Evac helicopter to catch.

8) I want the music that was played at the party. And while we are speaking of music, what do you think the recording session was like for the closing song. "yeah, nice...nice...beautiful, can you keep that up, but this time, lets try it with now words...yeah, just 'ah' a lot of notes together...beautiful..."

9) If you see rats running away from somewhere, for god's sake, run with them! But seriously, the subway scene was really cool.

10) from wikipediaA four installment manga series by Yoshiki Togawa titled Cloverfield/Kishin (クローバーフィールド/KISHIN, Kurōbāfīrudo/KISHIN?) is being released by Japanese publisher Kadokawa Shoten. The story focuses on a Japanese high school student named Kishin and will be a prequel to the film. ---I WANT

11) Go see it already! Then come back here and comment on it, and we can discuss it in the comments with things like "Spoiler Alert" and crap.
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