Alex T. Strife (cekyr0) wrote in geekmakers,
Alex T. Strife

video game babble

i wound up posting all of this in my journal, but figured i should repost it here. seeing as how i'm such a gamegeek and all. :)

thanx to the sneaky but loveable trivialt, i now own my very own copy of warioware. i have been doing my duty and playing thru so that i can unlock the multiplayer mode, but can i just say, it's a really weird game to begin with, but to play it alone is even weirder. i'll be happy when i unlock it's party game goodness. i must also say, it's damn frustrating sometimes; they want you to do so much weird stuff, but they think we're just supposed to know how to do it already, without any explanation, and i hate that, especially cuz most people prolly don't have trouble with these things like i do. my brain's just wired differently....

also been playing x-men legends 2: rise of apocolypse on my psp, and marvel ultimate alliance on my ps3. i must say, there's nuthin like goin around with a band of superheroes and trashing everything in sight. a HUGE bonus for ultimate alliance, by the way: unlike the x-men games, flying doesn't use up your ep. i had huge amounts of fun last nite hovering out of reach and picking off a bunch of enemies with storm's lightning bolts. ooohhh, the sheer joy. by the way, gamefly is a WONDERFUL thing. i got ultimate alliance from them for 16 bux. the only problem with that is that i then don't get the discount on the game guide when i buy it from gamestop. BUT, 16 down from 50 or 60 is a damn good deal, especially if the game is unscathed, which so far, all the games i've bought from gamefly are.

also playing valhalla knights for the psp, which just showed up since i bought ultimate alliance. i caught wind of this game ages ago, and have been eagerly anticipating it. it's awesome so far, tho it's been kicking my ass, and i finally figured out why, so i'll have to start over, but i didn't get that far, so it's ok. i'll be buying this one too. OH! the little disc for this game is CLEAR! ya know, instead of white, like the rest of the psp umd's? this is cool for two reasons: 1, it's different, and 2, it's CLEAR! i LOVE clear stuff!!

good times. :)
Tags: marvel
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